Below are testimonials from colleagues, clients and friends.

I have known Dean Long for some time, I have found him to be Passionate, Knowledgeable and Professional in all aspects of his coaching. He has been my personal business coach for two years, each meeting we discuss new opportunities and technique’s, to hon my skills and brings good insight to me and my business, he has help me set goals to improve my business and helped to monitor that process. I really consider Dean as a partner that helps promote me and my business. I would highly recommend Dean to any self employed person that is considering hiring a business to help direct them down the right path.
Jay Lehenbauer CBI
Senior Business Advisor at Apex Business Advisors

I turned to Dean for advice as I was considering the future direction of my business, in which I provide content writing and video production services to small business owners. I know Dean from a business networking group, and over the past year have always found him to be professional and approachable. I was quite pleased to find these same qualities stand out in his coaching sessions. Dean employs a comfortable, conversational approach to his coaching sessions. He’s a skilled listener and, without it feeling like a teaching session, he deftly pinpointed several areas that warranted further discussion. As we explored these areas, I was excited to find a level of clarity for my both my immediate and long-range goals. I highly recommend Dean to business owners seeking to enhance their focus and maximize their results.
Tim Anderson
Owner of r2 llc

Dean is a highly trustworthy intelligent professional business coach. I felt comfortable and well advised by Dean. He was and continues to be a great supporter. I would highly recommend his services.
Tim Cooley
Owner AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care

Dean Long is a superb, insightful business coach. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to offer a client his complete focus, listening to and understanding what the client says, as well as thinks and feels. Then Dean offers expert professional insight and wisdom from his own professional experience, along with his tremendous study of and knowledge in the areas of career and business coaching. He truly helps his clients find their own new business and career direction.
Anne Marie Hunter
Anne Marie Hunter Photography

If you were to ask yourself what Dean’s best qualities are once you know him, you may find yourself coming to the same conclusion that I did, that he is the type of person you can really learn from. Many coaches and teachers come from a position of authority, and push their perspective on others and that is the difference with Dean, he is a fellow student, on the journey with you, open to exploring new ideas and different perspectives which makes his coaching style really powerful, and he does it in such a way it doesn’t feel like coaching.
Kenneth Van Booven
Dynamics Developer at AMC Theatres

I met Dean through a local BNI Chapter and was immediately impressed by his natural ability to fully engage in a conversation and truly listen to others. This ability and his friendly nature are what I think sets him apart as a Business Coach and helps him guide his clients to success both personally and in their careers or business. If you want a Business Coach who truly cares and will provide you with honest, compassionate feedback and direction, Dean is the one for you!
Stephanie Sage
Owner, PuroClean Disaster Response Services

Dean is a very personable, giving individual and a pleasure to know. As a Business Coach, he is very knowledgable in his field. If you are mentally stuck and need to take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend him.
Amy Kesler
 In Sync Web Design, LLC

Dean and I met this past year at several networking functions, and have become good friends. I have grown to trust Dean’s business acumen, and meet with him on a regular basis. Having seen for myself the value of Dean’s knowledge and experience, I invited him to address a group I facilitate of IT leaders. Dean did a terrific job engaging the group! I look forward to growing my professional relationship with Dean, and recommend his services without hesitation.
David Schieffer, PMP, MBA, CPHIMS
Vice President at Clinical Path Consulting

I’ve known Dean for several years. We originally met through a business networking group. I find Dean to be engaging, a great listener, very easy to talk to, with keen insight about personal and business performance. I would highly recommend Dean as a personal/life coach.
Steven Barouh
COO/Founding Member at Noble Ventures

I’ve had the honor of serving with Dean Long on the Small and Home Based Business Connection board. Dean is the President and has proven to be an excellent leader and forward thinker. I appreciate Dean’s ability to get things done in a timely and efficient manner as well as his ability to do so in a compelling but kind way. I’m convinced that as a business coach he would be excellent in helping clients to achieve their goals. If you are looking for a coach to work with, Dean is the person to call.
Christine Snyder
Owner, Snyder Homes Remodeling, LLC

Dean is personable, professional, and very easy to work with. He has the ability to listen to the goals you have for yourself and your business and help you reach them. He also has the ability to tell you things you might not want to hear in a way that makes you want to change them and doesn’t upset you. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a business or just need something to rejuvenate your business he can help. I highly recommend at least sitting with him for his free consultation to see if he can help you. He has helped me change my mood and energy towards my business which has turned everything around. I will continue to use him and would highly recommend him to any friends or family needing a change, or direction in their business.
Jennifer Gile
Owner, Loans With Jen

Dean has shown a high level of understanding of the day to day struggles of a business owner. His insight into the problems and needs allows him to drill down to the roots of the problems and really help his clients identify the proper solutions.

He is very trustworthy and has a personable nature. I would encourage anyone that owns a business to work with Dean and let him work his magic.
Tc Kim
Financial Services Representative, Princor Registered Representative

Dean is an active listener who will identify themes and values that you may not have been aware of. He is well-read and has a breadth of experience which provides great insight. I really like Dean’s style of guiding a conversation, rather than forcing conclusions and fitting people into categories. Through Dean’s coaching, I gained a broader perspective on my career and developed new strategies that I had not considered before.
Larry Slobodzian
GRC Solutions Engineering at LockPath, Inc.

Dean has to be one of Kansas City’s top business coaches. You can count on him to help you uncover and clarify what your true visions are for yourself or your company…and then set up an action plan to get you to your destination. Dean has a gift to hear what you’re saying and to listen to what you’re not saying. He genuinely cares about you and your success. Contact Dean and take him up on his 1-hour complimentary consultation…it could be just what you were looking for!
Bethany Spilde
Chief Possibilities Officer | Positive Influencer | Social Media Strategist

Dean is an outstanding business coach and I will consult with him again. I felt lighter on my feet, driven and more focused after meeting with him. I would highly recommend Dean first for any future business coaching! He is outstanding!!
Dan/Tamera Schenherr
Computer Doc

It has been a pleasure to get to know Dean as an active business networking partner. He is extremely professional and personable and demonstrates a quiet confidence that he can benefit anyone who meets him. We highly recommend Dean to anyone who wants to grow their business!
Stan Adell
Adell Associates/LegalShield

Where do I begin? I never gave “Career Coaching” a thought. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into before I met him. Dean put all my fears at ease, he is a very personable person. He helped me “think outside-the-box” in my career search. Dean is an expert in the client-services department. He completely understood the situation I was in and where I wanted to be. Dean is highly-motivated to help one evaluate and implement strategies to reach one’s full potential.
Chris Linnens
Marketing and Advertising Professional

Dean is a thoughtful and measured man who chooses to get involved and engage life. He leads with a calm grace that only comes through mastering patience. He assumes responsibility and follows through with detail, persistence and commitment to get the job done. His coaching goes beyond problem solving into life changing experiences. I highly recommend him both as an accomplished coach but as a great man.
Chuck Franks, PCC
Business Relationship Coach

Dean is able to cut through all the crap that we keep in our heads and get right to the heart of the matter. This was invaluable to me as I worked through a problem in my business. I highly recommend Dean for anyone who is looking to move forward in their business. He can help you make it happen!
Beth Bernier
Turning Point Home Solutions, Inc.

Dean is incredibly perceptive. I love his kind and thought-provoking approach as he helps someone unravel their concerns. Dean is a pleasure to know. He is an excellent sounding board and I feel enlightened each time we talk whether it’s for SHBC or Juice Plus or Kangen Water or Send Out Cards! Thanks Dean.
Hildy Ann McElvain
Director – Nerium International

Dean gave me the tools to succeed and enhance my business outlook. I am planning to implement his idea’s into my business plan.
Tom Wolford
Massage Therapist at wolfordclinic.com

I never gave business coaching a second thought until someone I respected told me he used one and how it helped him immensely. I picked Dean as my coach, because I’ve worked with him on committees through SHBC and I knew he takes on a task responsibly, and has good follow through. We’ve been meeting for a few months now, and I can honestly say I wish I had hired him sooner. He has helped me work through issues in my business, keeping me accountable and making me work much more efficiently. I highly recommend hiring Dean. He’s worth his weight in gold stars!
Caylon Huckabay
Social Media Maven at Shoestring Mktg

Where do I start ? Dean has a penetrating gift of passionate authenticity, “doing” what he “is” and empowering others to do the same. Trust me, if Dean can stimulate, motivate, and educate me – he is one step away from turning water in to wine (you get the idea). I am forever grateful for working with Dean and look forward to many more opportunities.
Doug Weinbrenner
Dot Connector. Bridge Builder. Dent Maker.

I have known Dean on a personal and business level for many years. I have found him to be objective, professional, and ethical. Dean operates his business in such a way that his clients know he cares about their success. He has shown this to me time and time again. I would encourage anyone to use Dean’s coaching services for their own personal growth.
Steve Courtney
Real Estate Professional

Dean has shown my husband and I strategic thinking in the financial arena and now is showing me the same and more with his ventures in life coaching. Dean exhibits the epitome of client-based service, you know with Dean you will get 150% of what he promises. If I trust Dean with my finances and now with organizing my life choices, I would say that would be the highest compliment a customer could give a provider.
Kathy Boucher
Premier Designs Jewelery Fashion Consultant & Certified Personal Trainer

Dean brings just the right mix of business knowledge, worldly smarts, and coaching artistry for clients to accomplish their life’s goals. He is very skilled at getting to the heart of the matter, listening for people’s inner drive and passion, and bringing it to the surface. Dean understands, first hand, many of the challenges his clients are experiencing because he’s been there himself as a businessman and entrepreneur. As a result, he’s able to coach successful people to be even more successful and find their true path.
Teresa Sande
Global Talent Lead at Cargill

Dean Long is a truly instinctive, supportive and dedicated career coach who connects well with everyone. Dean is strongly motivated to help one evaluate and implement ways to reach one’s full life potential. I highly recommend Dean.
Juli Vance
Sales Associate at Reece and Nichols

Dean has an insight and ease, as well as depth and breadth of knowledge, that only comes from hands-on experience. He and I met through the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac entrepreneurship program, and hit it off immediately. Dean is a dedicated, hard worker; he is just as comfortable working in the client’s “Comfort Zone” as he is throwing a “curve ball” or a new idea they hadn’t expected. I would hire Dean in a heartbeat, and whole-heartedly recommend him knowing that he can provide the guidance the client is looking for. I have listed him as a colleague and partner on my website, and I look forward to working with Dean in the future.
David Harris, MS, CAPM
PC Technician at GEHA