Speaking Gigs

I’ve presented on a variety of topics, including:

  • Leadership Development

    • Who are You Leading? Where are You Going?
  • Communication Skills

    • The Essence of Building Relationships: Business & Personal.
  • Work/Life Balance

    • Don’t Measure Quantity… Measure Quality!
  • Client Relationships

    • Be “Married” to them!
  • Time Management

    • Take Time to Manage Your Time!
  • Branding and Marketing

    • Don’t “Create” Your Brand… Uncover it!
  • Networking

    • Be a Connector! (not a “Seller”)

When I speak, I look to provide value.  I want to engage, to inform, to enlighten, to inspire, and to humor!  I want my audience to think about, and reconsider, how they’re spending their time…or, their approach to a problem…or how to improve themselves…or to develop a skill. If there is a specific topic you would like me to present, just ask!

Let me know if I can be of help to your organization, your association, your chapter, or your colleagues!


Would you like to inquire regarding a possible speaking gig? Fill out the form below and submit. I will be in touch very soon to talk about it.