Who Are You? 100 Elements of a Person

Look over these 100 elements to help you realize more about yourself, and what makes you unique.

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What Fuels You

Complete this simple, but self-reflecting exercise, to help you move from what “fools” you to what “fuels” you.

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28 Attraction Principles

These principles for living a successful life are from the book, “The Portable Coach”, by Thomas Leonard.  He founded CoachU, the organization from which I received my certified coach training.

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The Zen of Attraction

Here are some quick thoughts on living a simpler, less stressful life.

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Dean’s 14 Business-Building Tips

If you’re an entrepreneur, thinking of becoming one….or, have been in business for awhile, and could use a dose of perspective, here are some suggestions for you: [Read more…]

The Art of Client Retention

Knowing that I’m a business coach, whenever I tell people that I’m educated as an engineer, and that I spent 14 years in the consulting engineering profession, their reaction is often one of surprise.  Yet, the common “thread” of my experience in that field, followed by financial services, and now coaching, is that I’ve always enjoyed the collaborative process of developing a relationship with, and partnering with clients to help them achieve an end objective, or to fulfill a dream. [Read more…]