Getting Into Focus

Finding meaning and purpose to increase your attention span

In 1953, engineer Colin Cherry conducted an experiment to determine how well people could filter out multiple auditory stimuli.  He had his subjects simultaneously listen to two conversations – one in each ear through a set of headphones.  They were each told to repeat, as accurately as possible, the conversation in one ear, and to ignore the second conversation.  From Cherry’s experiment evolved the phrase, the “cocktail party problem”, a scenario in which we’re challenged to filter out unwanted noise in order to effectively engage in a one-on-one conversation.  This experiment was one of the first known experiments in the scientific community addressing the struggle to stay focused. [Read more…]

Manage Your Time and Yourself

Take the time to identify the most important priorities for life and business.

In contrast to entrepreneurs, employees are generally given assignments with specific deadlines. However, entrepreneurs don’t have anyone to supervise them. Instead, they create a myriad of possibilities and options for themselves: what to do, when and for how long.

Freedom of choice in entrepreneurship can be liberating, but can also be a bit frightening. Presented with too many choices, studies indicate that we procrastinate, stick with the status quo or make ill-advised decisions. Managing time can be a challenge. [Read more…]