About Dean

I’ve spent all 30+ years of my professional life in service-based industries.

Dean Long: Kansas City Business CoachI have a passion for inspiring and motivating people… partnering with them to help them realize their goals, their vision, and their dreams.

Prior to business coaching, my professional experience entailed both the consulting engineering and financial services industries.  I spent nearly all my years in consulting engineering in management.  In doing so, I collaborated with clients in both the public and private sectors to meet a wide variety of project planning, design, and construction management needs. My experience there culminated in my three years as a branch manager, overseeing an office of over 100 employees.

Following a career change in 1992, I joined the investment firm of Morgan Stanley, where I spent nearly 14 years as a Financial Advisor, providing advice, guidance, education, and recommendations in helping my clients realize their financial goals and objectives.  I grew my practice to over 200 clients, with over $30 million in investible assets.

Immediately prior to starting Coach-to-Success, in August, 2007, I obtained certified coach training from CoachU, through its FastTrac program. CoachU is the leading and most comprehensive provider of certified coach training worldwide. Coachinc.com, CoachU’s parent firm, through its various subsidiaries, has trained over 7,000 coaches spanning 36 countries.

I have found myself in a leadership role on many occasions.  Leadership comes naturally to me.

Here are a few roles that I’ve experienced:

  • 2009 – President, Small and Home Business Connection (SHBC), an educational and networking organization of local small business owners
  • 2010 – President, Heartland Coaches Association, the Kansas City-based chartered chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • 2003 – Present – President, Dover Estates Homes Association

I like to tell people that I used to be a left-brained engineer, but that I am now a right-brained business coach!  We all change over time… our personalities, our beliefs, our values and our priorities.  Looking back, I’m thankful to have benefited and grown through all of my professional endeavors… and through the interesting, talented, and engaging people I’ve come to know along the way.  My entire professional timeline in management, sales, recruiting, and, has led me to this wonderful profession of coaching.